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Joe Schmoe Productions

Joe Schmoe Logo

Joe Schmoe Productions, A studio Company Founded by Paxson Helgesen.  Joe Schmoe Productions mostly known for creating the hilarious show Dumbass, Is comprised Of Paxson Helgesen, Ryan Crum, Donny Sykes, Kyle Deroo, Adam Weidenbeck, and Anthony Keaty. All Living in illinois. We spend Our Time Playing Video Games, Watching Movies,T.V, And Screwing  Around With The Video Camera.

The Music You Are Hearing right now is actually the theme song for our show ,Dumbass! Its Original Prankster, By the Offspring
Conspiracy Of One,
Columbia Records

For More Info About Dumbass. Click on the link below to visit the DUMBASS official website. (OFFICIAL SITE)

Dumb Ass Logo
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Dumbass Stars Dipp Stixz (pax), Spyke (donny), Short Stuff (ryan), D-Roo(kyle) Deusch (Adam), and Keats(anthony). Now In The Middle Of Creating Season one Of their upcoming DVD. THese guys do stupid things like MTV's Jackass, Viva La Bam, And Wild Boyz. Some People were curious about our names. I responded......I am Dipp Stixz because of stupid sometimes and its funny! Ryan is short stuff cuz hes short. Donny is Spyke cuz of his Mohawk and adam is deusch because it sounds funny when you call him. "Come here deusch, Wuts up deusch?" lol. WE DO ALL OF OUR OWN STUNTS. After i fell out of the tree in episode 3 and after D-roo mooned the camera on a windy day....It all went downhill from there.......literally. For your entertainment of course.