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Game Review: Metal Gear Solid 2

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Metal Gear Solid 2 -(Substance,Son'sOf Liberty)
Published by Konami
Platform: Ps2,Xbox

Metal Gear Solid: Substance
Snake Sneaking up on an Enemy Soldier In the Bigshell Mission's

A stealth game created by Hideo Kojima, Back in 1987 a new game called Metal Gear was released. It involved a new style of gameplay in which the player would sneak around his ememies. This main character was Solid Snake, A foxhound agent deployed on the metal gear project.............16 years later snake is back on the PS2 in Metal Gear Solid :Sons Of Liberty. With a new character Raiden. THe infiltration of the bigshell is his first real mission not including VR missions. HE has no real life combat situation skills but his skills as a warrior have been honed to the highest levels. These two have descovered a new Metal Gear, A Mobile weapon of mass destruction with Nuke capability. On the bigshell levels you play as Raiden. You try to defuse bombs at various location throughout the Oil rig. Now the metalgear solid franchise has been known for its bosses and you will not be let down in this sequel

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 8
Sound effects and music: 9
Originality: 9
Challenge: 10+
Overall: 9 1/2

Snake Putting a Tranqualized Enemy Soldier In A locker.