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Yes! finally the new Halo 2 map pack is here! These new maps looks awesome. Weve been playing the same maps over and over again since Halo 2 came out. Like Coagulation, but now we got some more maps to play on and slaughter all of our friends.That always sounds good.Heres some of the new maps. THe map pack is going to be released on July 5 at $20.Below are 4 of the 9 or 10 new maps (in order top to bottom)Containment,Turf,Sanctuary, and Warlock.


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I love gaming, and so I've created this site to share my passion. Here you'll find reviews of new games, codes and cheats for current games, news about upcoming games: just about everything game-related that you can think of. But wait theres more theres music and movies, and t.v and well alot more than i can think to tell ya about!

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